Our Indian constitution empowers every child with the “right to education”. But the ground reality is much far away. Reliable data states that half of the children living in India refrain from going to school. The worst condition is of a girl child who is forced to marry at an early age while a male child is engulfed in bonded labor.

It’s not surprising that India comprises of third an illiterate population. The scale of literacy growth is slowing down ever. Despite the constitutional right of mandatory education for every child between 6 to 14 years.

Hence, the erupting NGOs for child education in Delhi have come with a pledge for educating children.  Their main focus is to empower underprivileged children in every life phase. Eventually, they are on a mission on improving the quality of primary education all over India.

NGOs have joined hands with the government and coming forward for the welfare of such unprivileged students. A step ahead to make digital India into reality. We at “COPY PEN FOUNDATION” have a similar mission that aims at improving the quality of primary education for such children.

Founded on July 5, 2020, based in Delhi comes with a mission for improving the quality of life for children who refrain from the basic right to education. The “Copy Pen Foundation” strongly believes that education is the only tool that can transform an individual’s life wholly.

A certified NGO in India working for Poor Child Education. The Copy Pen Foundation works on identifying the specific educational need of children in various particular areas. Besides providing education to children they have other campaigns for children too.

Our Foundation works through the trustful volunteers who interact with such children and their guardians. Besides imparting free education, we also provide free meals, and free healthcare facilities and donate clothes to them.

We are in collaboration with other education campaigns for providing education to underprivileged children. All kinds of entertaining and recreational activities are imparted along with essential education.

Our foundation accepts donations around the globe and ensures every single penny goes to the welfare of students. We aim at making India a literate country on a pan level. Eventually, we request you to open your arms to making this mission a successful one.

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