The government of India has education free until the age of 14 for every child in the country. But unfortunately, the situation is the opposite. The ground reality is quite different when children are denied access to education.

No access to education is the birthplace to many economical and personal issues. The foremost includes being jobless to get stranded in a cycle of poverty. Such children grow up to become less confident people having low esteem.

Access to education opens the door to knowledge. Hence, several NGOs in Delhi have come forward with a mission to make India a fully literate nation. Their only aim is to provide access to education to every underprivileged child.

Our foundation “Copy Pen Foundation” also works on the same ethics and has a dream to make India the most knowledgeable country. We came into existence on July 5, 2020, as a nonprofit organization which is located in Delhi.

The “Copy Pen Foundation” only motto is to benefit every child in India who is being denied quality education. We advocate the thought of equality in education among every stratum of society. As is through only education that revolution can be done.

“Copy Pen Foundation” is a certified organization that works according to the rules and regulations of the government. We are accountable to every donor, project partner, and local community who are connected with us in every step of making this dream in reality.

Our primary agenda is to make education available to every child in India. Our NGO in Delhi for child education invites individuals who would love to work as volunteers with us for a such noble cause. They provide their services in different manners like teaching, management, creative head, accounts, and much more.

We ensure to provide personal attention to every child associated with our NGO. As our only mission is to provide whole round development of the child. This could happen with the full cooperation of society only.

Nevertheless, we are not just restricted to accomplishing the educational need of the child. The focus is also made on the healthcare of the children. We ensure that no child suffers from malnutrition.

copy pen foundation

“Copy Pen Foundation” makes sure to provide routine medical checkups and necessary medicines to every child. A prosperous nation is made only when its children are well-educated and possess the best health.

Along with this our foundation firmly believes in providing full help and support in all sorts of humanitarian services. Be it promoting harmony, being vocal for rural development, or empowering religious harmony.

We have been extensively participating and encouraging youth to take care of their environment. Plant saplings sessions have been a majorly highlighted activity of our NGO. All these small achievements have been possible only through honest support and cooperation by our beloved Indians.

The “Copy Pen Foundation” invited individuals to help us in our agenda of making India a better place from every perspective. You could help us in form of becoming volunteers or donating funds, food, and clothes.

We believe in transparency and hence we are accountable for every donation made to us. Hoping this small endeavor of our foundation makes a positive change for our country India.

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