Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Despite having a massive education system in India, we are facing a severe education crisis. At Copy Pen Foundation, we believe that providing proper education to kids can help improve this acute situation. However, the overpriced higher education in India acts as a barrier for poor children, especially girls. Thus the motive behind setting up this NGO is to raise funds so that the deserving poor kids can attend classes, learn, and reach the pinnacle of success.

Copy Pen Foundation is committed to encouraging students and providing them with quality education, healthcare and medication facilities, alongside balanced nutrition. Moreover, we also offer food and clothes to underprivileged children, primarily from marginalised societies. In addition, we provide assistance and encouragement to the people from religious communities belonging to the North Indian states.

You can get involved with us for love for humanity and donate to these blooming talents who need your assistance. Moreover, you can write to us and become a volunteer at Copy Pen Foundation for this noble cause. However, we also offer internship certification to the candidates willing to dedicate their time and efforts to make this world a better place. So, let’s join our hands together and try to bring the best in every child.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality education to children belonging to the underprivileged sections of society. We will continue to work in times of educational crisis to fight poverty and illiteracy, improving the lives of millions of kids. In addition, through monetary aid, we will help many more kids from socially and economically backward areas of India.

In the years to come, the Copy Pen Foundation would expand its horizons and try to reach out to the people in the most marginalised districts in India. We would initiate nationwide campaigns, schemes, and volunteering activities to raise charity for the upliftment of society. Thus, while honouring our moral and social responsibilities, we would pursue our efforts and fulfil the initially set up mission. However, we cannot achieve it without your assistance. We need your support to provide a bright future to these deserving children and not let them fall into the wrong hands.

With our unshakeable commitment and stupendous hard work, we would educate more than 1 million deprived children and improve their status in society in leaps and bounds. Moreover, we would ensure that every deserving kid receives their share of benefits and opportunities in this challenging world. By developing in both scale and scope, we would like to reach out to poor kids and youth across the nation. And we will not rest until every child in India gets access to proper education and enjoys an identity of his own in this world.