About Us

Who We Are

Established on July 5, 2020, Copy Pen Foundation is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) based in Delhi that directly benefits the children of India who do not have access to quality education. The Foundation believes that disseminating education amongst the deprived children will help society and the entire nation.

At Copy Pen Foundation, we focus on improving the conditions of poor children by providing them access to quality education. In order to pull the people out of poverty, we need to educate them. Education will empower the kids and help them break the cycle of poverty and improve their social status. Through our integrated programmes, we provide technical support to poor children in the North-Indian states, including Delhi, West Bengal, and UP.

What We do

At Copy Pen Foundation, we thrive to promote education amongst the poor and oppressed kids and support them. We try and assist them by giving them basic things like free meals, healthcare facilities, and clothes by raising funds through donations. Through the diffusion of knowledge, we contribute to the growth and advancement of society. Alongside it, we also partake in humanitarian services like promoting harmony, rural development, empowering religious communities, planting saplings, and so on for the betterment of society.

Apart from executing various welfare schemes, we provide assistance and support to the deprived people irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion.  We accept donations and raise funds to fulfil our goal of helping deserving children. We take utmost care that every single penny goes into charitable activities with proper verification. To ensure that the donation money is utilised correctly, we even perform cross-checks. Moreover, all the financial assistance is provided without any discrimination of caste or religion.