This question must be rambling around in all newbie parents who is thinking of having babies. Although whole education is important but primary education is like the building blocks of your child’s carrier.

The overall purpose of primary education is to develop children’s literacy and numeracy skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and computational skills) and other skills and understandings that prepare young people to take part in society. 

Have you ever noticed that while making a house, the architect or the builder pays more attention to the base, because if the base is strong automatically the house will be strong? The same is with your child if the primary education is done fantastically well in auto, the child carrier will be strong.

But that doesn’t include only education. ‘NO, NOT AT ALL’ provides learning, feelings, sentiments, essential character, and all. All these things will together land in a good person.

“that if you are a good human being you are automatically on a verge of a good carrier”.

”Mahatma Gandhi”

So What to Teach

So teach your child ABCD…….. but do teach them good and bad touch, sharing is caring, and how to help others. Do not share your mindset with them about people. Let them make their own.

Keep away from politics, caste and creeds, Hindu Muslims, and all. Teach them about two types of person that are “GOOD” and “BAD”. Tell them to differentiate between them. It’s always said that we pass on our belongings and our mindset to our children, but you don’t do the same. Try to avoid these things.

Think!!!!!! What if you let the base be old and build a building on it? Will it STAY??? The answer is ‘NO’ a ‘BIG NO’ because it will fall. The same is with our children, if we pass our mindset to them, they won’t be able to build their own. If you really want to pass, pass on your good things, like

  • How important is family?
  • How are siblings important?
  • What do their belongings teach them?
  • How to live a simple life?
  • What is the difference between needs and wishes?
  • All sex is equal?
  • Pay respect to women? and keep on adding

One of my friends asked me, what if you are parenting and they say something wrong or do something wrong? In that case, add them to their education teaching and ask them what they think what they did is correct? Let them decide.

Be a good parent, like a wall to them who always has their back, not like mud or sand, who will fall.

In the end, the whole purpose of primary education is to develop literacy and numeracy skills like reading, writing, speaking, listening ect with an idea to prepare a better and positive version for your society!!

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