Free Medical Camp

Brindaban Village of Ghazipur Distric Uattar Pradesh

Copy Pen foundation’s one step towards the health awareness

The world functions because of some people who carry passion in their hearts. The biggest of smiles occur when we hold hands and walk in the direction of humanity and faith. Someone rightly said, all you need to do is be there for each other, with each other.

Copy Pen foundation provided free health check-up to 70 citizens of Hurmujpur, Vrindavan. With the grace of Copy Pen foundation’s trustee and vice president, Mr. Mohammad Akib, the citizens went through a routine health check-up for sugar and blood pressure. The camp wasn’t limited to just check-ups but also followed by distribution of medicines to the citizens. Mr. Akib Mohammad also announced that this foundation is new and budding but that he hopes to help every underprivileged person that he comes across. The campaign was graced with the presence of the generous trustee and the vice president, Mr. Akib Mohammad, kind General Secretary-Ms. Nazia Sheikh, General Manager- Abdul Kalam and trustee members Harendra Kumar.

The event halted with lots of sentiments running through people’s veins and also with a hope to bring a change for the better of the world.

We as humans, have the capability to stand together and make the impossible, possible! With the bright mind, words of wisdom and kind intentions of Mr. Akib Mohammad, we see a future with smiles and giggles, erasing every obstruction that comes our way, with your support!

The Copy Pen foundation dreams to reach its pinnacle, that is, help every person in need. With all the passion, love and intent, we look forward to a world where everyone has a roof over their heads and nobody gets to sleep ill or hungry.

Let’s join our hands and promise to do our bit to make this world a better place for everyone!