Are 10+2 qualifies and looking for job in NCR and Delhi and paying a big amount still not able to crack the job or even sometimes land into a fraud. Then no worries PROJECT ROZGAAR is for you, we will help you with all the procedure step by step only in Rs 299/-. Now your question will be what if I will not be able to crack? Then too PROJECT ROZGAAR have your back. 

We know Getting a job in Delhi NCR can be a competitive process, but with the right approach and preparation, we will help to increase your chances of finding a job that is a good fit for you. Here are things we will help you with – 

    1. Resume Making
    2. Networking
    3. Job search
    4. Job placement agencies
    5. Preparing you for the interview

Also, we are not like other agencies who will just setup the interview and if you fail, we forget you, here we have certain set of peoples who will help you throughout the whole procedure and let us say the worst you fail, no need to worry we are there for you at your back to help you out. We start from nothing and help you throughout the face-to-face interview, resume preparation and everything you can imagine for. We have MNC’s HR with us to support you throughout the whole procedure and give you an idea about how things flow for getting a job. 

 The company with our partnerships is – Wipro, Frank Finn, Teleperformance, Wipro, WNS, Maxicus, EXL and many more. 

 To apply for this just click on the link and follow to the page which will look something like this –  

Enter your basic details like Name, Fathers Name, Contact No., Email, Gender, your education whether you are 10th pass or 12th pass or graduate or have completed your masters accordingly we will plan your next job step. The best part that along with your job search you are funding someone else too as the application fee is only Rs.299/- out of which we will donate Rs.100 as a charity for poor children so that they can start their schooling and Rs.199 will be used for you in providing certain things like –

    1. Notes and training for interview material will be provided from our end as the exam consists of three basic tests – English, Basic Computer knowledge and General knowledge and to cover all these materials will be there.
    2. Step by step process to crack the interview.
    3. Also, we will help you with the best of best study material to face any interview coming in near future.
    4. Video sessions will also be set up for you which will help you in cracking the face-to-face interview.
    5. Also, the best MNC HR will guide you for exams and interviews and to prepare and gear you up for the interviews coming in future.
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