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Education Ngo in Delhi Feel The Satisfaction And Warmth By Sharing A Little Part Of Your Savings With The Ones Who Really Need It. Not Everyone Is Fortunate Enough To Get The Best But Our Little Contribution Can Make It Happen.

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Benefits of Donating

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85+ Children In 3+ City

At Copy Pen Foundation, we focus on improving the conditions of poor children by providing them access to quality education.

In order to pull the people out of poverty, we need to educate them. Education will empower the kids and help them break the cycle of poverty and improve their social status.

Through our integrated programs, we provide technical support to poor children in the North-Indian states, including Delhi, West Bengal, and UP.

Joining Hands To Help The World’s

Some Outstanding Activities

If you like our initiative and appreciate our work, you can join the Copy pen foundation team as a volunteer. We are working to empower the children of our society by providing them access to quality education.

Become a volunteer and work with us to help bridge this gap between the developed and poverty-stricken communities.


To make your morning meaningful

Add goodwill to your special occasions by spreading joy among those who need your care and support the most.